At first they were known and appreciated in our offer of feature phones, now the NGM Special Functions are also available for our range of smartphones.

The Special Functions offer innovative solutions to better manage all personal communications and needs, including those that are more personal and confidential.


Check the compatibility of your phone and download the Special Functions for free from the download area.



The Coffer is a hidden area, with exclusive access, thought to keep away from prying eyes your most private messages, photos, videos and personal data; the Coffer can record any unauthorized access attempt. In case of need, there is the option of immediate cleaning of the area, that can be activated even remotely with a text message.


White/Black List – Apps block

White List or Black List allow you to accept calls or SMS only by the numbers inside the list (White List) or to reject them (Black List). The App Block allows you to set a password for the launch of Apps you choose.


Scheduled SMS

Allows you to schedule a date and time for the actual sending of a text message, with option of doing so daily, weekly or monthly. Useful in case of birthdays and other anniversaries.


SIM Binding

Protects the user in case of loss or theft of the device. If a phone that was stolen or lost is used by anyone who replaces the bound SIM card with an “unauthorized” one, automatically the phone sends 1 or more automatic and hidden messages to the backup numbers of the rightful owner, containing the “unauthorized” person’s actual mobile phone number together with the IMEI code of the phone and the GPS coordinates of wherever it is.


Remote Control

Thanks to the Remote Control feature of the phone, you can be reached or preserve your privacy even if you have forgotten your NGM smartphone in the office or at home. Simple to use: an authorized security number can control the phone remotely and you can thus activate a call forwarding, turn off your phone and set up a password for startup, check the position of the phone via GPS and/or delete all the data inside the phone and reset it to factory settings.


Black List

This function makes possible to edit a list of phone numbers from which you wish to receive neither calls nor messages. All calls from blacklisted numbers will be rejected and the caller will hear a “network error”-tone.


White List

A function that makes possible to edit a list of phone numbers from which you exclusively wish to receive calls and messages. All calls from non-whitelisted numbers will be rejected and the caller will hear a “network error”-tone.


Background sounds

This function makes possible selecting environmental sounds to be played in the background of a phone call, creating the illusion of being in a certain ambient (e.g. “airport”, “pub” or “pub”). The user can record and set custom background sounds.



A reserved area that is accessible only by inserting a special password into the stand-by screen. It makes possible managing private contacts, call logs and messages secretly.


Private Firewall

You can password-protect the access to messages, phonebook and call logs.


Block anonymous and/or unknown numbers

This function blocks the incoming calls from anonymous (hidden caller ID) or unknown (not in phonebook) numbers.


Answering machine

The NGM answering machine records voicemail when you cannot answer the phone. The recordings are saved on the external MicroSD memory and are accessed in the “incoming voicemail” menu.


SMS time sending

This function makes it possible to program time and date of SMS sending.


SIM binding

This function can help you finding your phone in case of loss or theft. The function is based on the binding of SIM and phone, so the phone will recognize any foreign SIM and will send you an SMS to all the personalized “trusted numbers” with the phone number of the new user and the phone IMEI.


Remote control

Even when you are not near to it, through an SMS with a special code to your phone sent from one of the personalized “trusted numbers”, you can manage some operations on your phone.