Fit Band

Get in shape with NGM!

If you love fitness and you need to prove yourself, or if you just want to lead an active and healthy lifestyle, then you need NGM FitBand, the wearable device which can monitor your physical parameters. Thanks to its various features, and to NGM Fit* dedicated app, it will become your own personal trainer, always in touch with you and ready to motivate you.

Main features:

  • Heart rate monitor, NGM FitBand provides accurate and continuous data related to your heart rate, allowing you to keep the more appropriate rhythm during your exercises (fat burning, cardio and peak)
  • Easy Wake Up, automatic power ON of the display turning the wrist
  • 21 different sports to choose from
  • Distance and calories detecting, sleep monitoring
  • Calls, SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp notifications
  • 7-10 days in stand-by
  • Water Resistant IP67

NGM Fit Band includes in package 1 extra colored wristband and it has three available color combinations: black+red, black+acqua, blue+pink.

NGM Fit* App app is available on Google Play and App Store.


* NGM Fit is compatible with Android 4.4 and above and IOS 8.0 and above.


A fitness routine is important, because it gives you visible results and it may be incorporated into your busy day. But how can we stick to it in the right way? NGM FIT BAND is here to help us. Water resistant, stylish and handy, FIT BAND shows you the better way to feel good!



With a continuous heart rate and burned calories monitoring, FIT BAND helps you to control your own physical parameters during your exercises. Furthermore, you will always be in touch with your smartphone, thanks to its notification (incoming calls, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook and so on), Find Phone and Camera Remote control feature.



NGM FIT BAND comes in 3 available colour combinations, and 2 wristbands are already included in the package: black + red, black + aqua, blue + pink.



Download and install NGM FIT app to monitor your physical parameters and your own set targets in a easy and funny way. You can set training times and check the achieved target rate, to conquer an healthy and active lifestyle day by day.



icone_display 0,96″ – OLED

Touch Screen Display

icone_heart rateHEART RATE

Dynamic Detection

Water Resistant 1,5mtIP67

Water Resistant

icone_24 sportSPORTS RECORD

21 different Sports

icone_notification NOTIFICATIONS

Calls, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

icone_App dedicataNGM FIT

Dedicated App