A thing of everyday usage can better exemplify how a simple feature could become the perfect solution. New NGM You Color SMART models are equipped with Fingerprint Reader, to make you access your applications in a more easy, rapid and safe way! You can lock your phone simply with your own fingerprints, and see its contents. A soft and invisible solution, which is also a pleasant esthetic feeling, a stylish gesture which is strictly yours.

But You Color SMART Dual SIM models sport other interesting technologies: Dynamic 4G, front camera with flash, USB-OTG connection to easily share and transfer data with other devices.   Camera is clearly enhanced, with high sensitivity even in low-light conditions and a fully re-designed audio section.

With two different display sizes (5″ e 5.5″), NGM SMART devices are available in two different versions: standard and PLUS, with more RAM and enhanced camera. The quality of our lives depends on both physical and intangible values of the things which surround us: it’s better to choose a SMART solution.