NGM is pleased to present You Color E505 Plus and You Color E506 Plus, a reworking of already available models with a focus on optimization of the camera, the internal memory and RAM. Two new young-at-heart devices, easy to use and characterized by the excellent quality/price ratio that proposes itself as the perfect answer to those looking for a practical smartphone at a contained price, without renouncing any performing technological equipment.

Like all the other models in the You Color line that allow you to personalize the nuances of every single device through the quick and easy change of the suitCOVER, also the new PLUS are 21 times interchangeable, with the possibility of changing the colour of your phone according to the latest fashions, your own taste and your mood in any given moment. An additional suitCOVER is already included in the price, and will be delivered to your home address (completely free of charge) choosing your favourite colour from the pre-installed You Color app on your smartphone or from the dedicated section on the NGM Italia website, which you can find here