NGM has obtained the certification for the system of management of health and safety at work

NGM, leader in the production of Dual SIM telephones in the Italian market, has obtained the certification in accordance with the law OHSAS 18001 to ensure our employees a greater and better protection in the field of health and safety at work.

In recent years the issue of health and safety at work has reached a high level of attention in all its many implications, from safety in the workplace to health risk protection. The numerous cases of accidents at work in these last years are not tragic fatalities but rather negative consequences of negligent behaviour. It is precisely for this reason that NGM wanted to further improve its own System of Management of health and safety of employees, obtaining the IMQ the certification CSQ-H&S in accordance with the international law BS OHSAS 18001.

The advantages of a certified System of Management of health and safety are manifold. First of all in terms of safeguarding of personnel, but also from the point of view of business performance. Some of the most immediate benefits we consider to be are the greater quality of working environments, the decrease in expenditure regarding accidents, the higher motivation of the staff, the improvement of the indicators of effectiveness and efficiency, the enhancement of the top-quality content and services provided to the market, with all that follows in terms of economic results.

For us, certification doesn’t just mean respecting the law” said Stefano Nesi, owner of NGM “but it also means having an additional guarantee to act in a proactive manner to identify, analyse and evaluate each risk and put into place the necessary measures to eliminate or reduce it to a minimum and to safeguard our most valuable asset: our human capital”.

The certification is a choice which confirms for NGM that the system of prevention and health protection of its employees, guaranteed by a third party body such as IMQ, is a priority element in terms of social quality and work ethics.