NGM Italia communicates that new firmware updates are available for the following devices:

  • You Color P552: V0.1.8
  • You Color E501: V1.6
  • You Color P508: V11
  • You Color M502: V13
  • You Color E506: V21
  • You Color E507: V10
  • Forward 5.5: V9055
  • Forward Endurance: V5777
  • Forward Active: V5558
  • Forward Ruby: V6226
  • Forward Zero: V5980
  • Dynamic Maxi: V6022
  • Dynamic Now: V5389
  • Dynamic E450: V06

The update is recommended for each of the models listed above as it introduces improvements in performance, optimizes reception and resolves certain bugs present in previous firmware versions.

NGM Italia recommends always keeping an updated version of the firmware on your device. The update can be performed OTA (Over-the-air), after receiving the notification on the phone about the availability of the update, or by accessing the application “System updates” and downloading manually.