NGM Press Release

NGM was born as a company that develops software projects, hardware architectures and an innovative design in account of eastern partners that take care or of the assembly of mobile phones. Since 2008, our company began to sell mobile phones on the European market, either with the NGM brand or in co-branding agreements with mobile phone operators.

Currently, NGM designs smartphone devices working with Gionee Communication Equipment Co. Ltd., that has its production base in Shenzhen. The partnership primarily regards models of mid-high quality, adapting to a strategy that involves the need to support an important production volume and consequently reduce the costs of design, to maintain competitiveness in a market branch where competition is every day more and more pressing. It has to be specified, that the entire process of design and development of these devices is guided by NGM with a team of dedicated designers and engineers, giving the products an all Italian taste.

NGM smartphones are products sold exclusively for the European market, according to the most selective continental standards, with a localized and proprietary interface, peculiar menus and special functions. There is no way to buy these phones neither in the People’s Republic of China, nor on the Chinese web sites. The corresponding models sold directly by Gionee on Asian markets have a different user interface and use hardware solutions that very often are different. The development partnership of NGM is moreover not limited to the Gionee company, but involves to a lesser degree also other productive partners. Gionee also develops its own models, that are different from NGM.

NGM Italia is directly responsible for all CE and RoHS certifications compliant for all models of mobile phones sold in Europe, including accessories. The device components must therefore comply with the high European quality standards, with a significant increase in costs with respect to the devices that do not comply to these standards. In addition, special attention is paid to the value of the specific absorption rate (SAR) of each model. This value indicates the amount of power from radio frequencies absorbed by the body when it is exposed to an electromagnetic field, and is therefore an important parameter of reference for the aspects related to health. All of this involves the use of quality components and rigorous controls on devices.

Moreover, our research also focuses on the style, the ergonomic shapes, on the choice of materials and the color combinations, on the packages of great visual impact; all aspects that contribute to draw a varied and original offer in the field of Italian and European telephony.

NGM offers an advanced After Sales Service and Warranty; the collection and the redelivery of products under warranty are made directly and free of charge at the customer’s address, or through a capillary network of Collection Centers all over the Italian territory.