The latest release from NGM is called You Color and changes color whenever you want!

It is a range of 10 models with different configurations from 99 € to 229 € and is the only that allows you to choose the features and color of your smartphone!

The new You Color line, strictly Dual SIM, is interchangeable 21 times over: In fact, you can personalize quickly and easily the nuances of your smartphone by changing the suitCOVER, or rather the back of the device, which entirely encompasses the You Color (excluding the frontal touch).

You will have 21 different colors at your disposition: the chromatic palette of the suitCOVER is composed of base colors for minimalist tastes, and leading tones from the fashion trends of the season, for those who love matching their look with glamorous accessories.

Enter in the You Color community to completely change the outfit of your smartphone according to your taste, the latest trends or your emotions… for every color a fashion mood designed with you in mind.

INCLUDED IN THE PRICE, as well as the device complete with interchangeable case, you will receive a new suitCOVER, having chosen your favorite color from the YOU COLOR APP reinstalled on the smartphone or from the dedicated section on the website (click here). Even delivery is free of charge!

What are you waiting for? Discover instantly the fashion trends of You Color! (click here)